Where is Clay Space 1205?
Clay Space 1205 is located at 1205 Manhattan Avenue . Suite 2-4-1 . Brooklyn, NY 11222. To view our location on google maps click here.

What is Clay Space 1205?
Clay Space 1205 is a 3,000 sq. foot, fully equipped ceramic facility. Go to our home page for more information.

Do I need to have experience to join?
Yes, but you need not be a professional. If you are comfortable with clay, have taken a few classes and want to practice and improve your skills, Clay Space 1205 is a perfect option. You will gain more knowledge and experience from our members through the communal support system, with an unlimited amount of time to practice your craft.

Do you have openings for volunteers, work exchange, or interns?
Yes! We invite those with experience or the desire to learn the opportunity to do work in exchange for time in the studio. We will work this out with you on a case by case basis depending on the needs at hand and your skill level and time commitment. Check the “Work Exchange Assistantship” tab under “Membership.”

Do you have pottery tools available for sale?
Yes, we have new tool kits available for purchase as well as a limited amount of new and used tools available for a discounted price.

What sort of clay is being used?
Our members use a wide range of clay bodies, everything from low fire earthenware up to cone 6 stoneware and porcelain. New members can purchase an all purpose white stoneware from us, but most choose to order from one of our suppliers once they figure out what clay body best serves their needs.

What kind of glazes are available?
Clay Space 1205′s staff mixes glazes on site. All glazes are fired to cone 6 oxidation and are food safe, microwave safe and generally awesome.

Can I bring my own clay and glazes for use at the studio?
Yes, you are welcome to use any clay body that can fire to cone 6 or lower. We have two main suppliers that we order from and usually place group orders to meet shipping minimums.

I’m worried about lead, is it in any of the materials at the studio?
Absolutely not — all of our materials are certified non-toxic and confirm to ASTM D-4236.

Are there any other safety issues when working with clay?
Clay is an inherently safe material in it’s working or wet state. The only time it becomes potentially hazardous is when it creates dust and one is exposed to this over a long period of time. Our staff at Clay Space 1205 is diligent mopping and cleaning shelves on a regular basis in order to minimize the dust factor.

Is there finished pottery available for sale?
Yes! Gallery 1205 is regularly has shows with for sale ceramics, in addition to open studio events throughout the year. Sign up for our mailing list to know when the next event is!  You can also visit our members’ websites by following the links in the “staff and members” section. Members are also available to create custom orders.

What sort of kilns do you have?
We have two 7 cubic foot kilns, one 2.6 cubic foot kiln and two test kilns that fire up to cone 6.

Do you do firings for artists who are not members or current students who just need a place to fire?
Yes. Please email or call us for pricing ~ 718.383.5400

Is it really like in the movie “Ghost”?
Yes, and no. There are wheels and clay. The rest is up to you!

How can I get more information?
Feel free to email of give us a call at 718.383.5400 or email info@clayspace1205.com.